About Us

A Milwaukee string quartet, our group formed in 2011 after four years of playing music together during our undergraduate years at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee.  Not wanting to let graduation stand in the way of our love for music and playing our instruments, we have banded together to bring classical and sacred string music to venues throughout Milwaukee and other areas in Wisconsin.

Perfect Fourth is excited to serve you with the sound of music!  We’re always happy to work with you personally to bring a unique musical experience to any special occasion.

Meet the Musicians

Alyssa Pautz, Violin

alyssasepiaAfter beginning piano lessons with her musical mother at age 4, five-year-old Alyssa was inspired (for reasons unremembered) to take up violin lessons. Since then, playing music, especially in concert with others, has been one of the greatest loves of her life — second only to God, family, and her husband.

Alyssa began violin through the Suzuki method, and has continued learning the instrument through teachers in Minnesota, Alaska, Montana, and Wisconsin. She has played with the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra and served as Concertmaster of the Great Falls Youth Symphony; she has also received numerous private lesson scholarships, including a music scholarship for Wisconsin Lutheran College, where she graduated in May, 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Theology.

Alyssa also enjoys teaching violin lessons to a new generation of music-lovers. A lover of books and the outdoors, Alyssa currently resides in Grafton, WI with her husband and three children, ever so pleased to still be playing chamber music with three dear fellow string-players.



Katrina Smith, Viola

Katrina-Smith-sepiaA native of Owatonna, Minnesota, Katrina grew up with a deep appreciation for all things art. Her love for music was recognized early on, as she enjoyed sitting at (and on) the pedals while her mother practiced organ. She quickly learned that plunking out her own melodies was much more fun. When she was finally old enough to begin string lessons in elementary school, Katrina chose the viola as her instrument because she wanted to be different from all her classmates who played violin. Trained in the Suzuki method, Katrina played with large orchestras through high school. Highlights include performing at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis with her eighth grade orchestra for the MNSOTA Middle Level Orchestra Festival and playing at the Big Nine Music Festival with the Owatonna High School Symphony.

While attending Wisconsin Lutheran College, she joined their stringed chamber ensemble, where she met the other lovely ladies of Perfect Fourth. Katrina graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and currently works as a stagehand for several venues in the Milwaukee area.

Apart from music, she also loves theatre, photography, traveling, and spending time with family. Katrina is excited to play with this talented group of ladies and share the love of music.



Katie Hein, Cello

katieheinHailing from Wausau, WI, Katie comes from a musical family and has been blessed with the opportunity to develop as a cellist since the age of three. Through her studies in the Suzuki method at the Wausau Conservatory of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and through treasured lessons with her grandfather, Katie has nurtured a sincere appreciation and love for the gift of music.

Though a timid cellist at first, she soon discovered her passion for sharing music through her work with the Central State Chamber Orchestra; Beaver Island, MI’s “Baroque on Beaver” orchestra and choir; UW-Milwaukee’s University Community Orchestra; and as the principal cellist in the string ensemble of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Since graduating from WLC in 2010 with a BA in English and Secondary Education, Katie has enjoyed performing with Milwaukee singer-songwriter Sam Rodewald and teaching cello lessons at St. Marcus Lutheran School. She also plays throughout Wisconsin and records with the Lutheran Ceili Orchestra.

Aside from music, Katie enjoys poetry, photography, taekwondo, and spending time with family. She lives and works in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and loves being able to keep chamber music alive and bring it to you with the ladies of Perfect Fourth.